Dröm is a peaceful meditative experience. It features completely procedural music (the demo is not quite there yet) and a mechanic where you make shapes out of clouds to progress the scene. All elements will react to you including the audio-scape, the environment and the narrative.

With our games we want people to really feel feelings and emotions. The claustrophobia of Prowl. The loneliness of Trawl. We also want to open peoples minds through meditative means by creating "mantra" like elements to our games. Then giving the player somewhere to focus that freedom of thought.

Dröm is about dealing with the past and coming to terms with difficult emotions.

It's about lying back in a field and watching clouds make shapes and thinking about times past.

Poster by Beck Michalek - https://twitter.com/kalahcim

Poster by Beck Michalek - https://twitter.com/kalahcim